About Us

Our Approach

Ads are so easy to read these days. What we mean, is that people know when they are getting sold something. As a business, you have to find that balance of what is polished but also real.

My Story

The ultimate goal is to find a career that encompasses as many of your passions as possible. I have found that social media and marketing is a way to communicate and sell on a level that is impactful and fun. Factor in the ability to work for companies that align with personal values and interests, I have hit the trifecta. With experience at both digital and traditional ad agencies combined with a spirit of entrepreneurship, I found myself ready to take on the world.


What’s with the horses?

With over 20 years of equine experience and a Bachelors of Science in Public Relations with a minor in Equine Administraion from an equestrian college, William Woods University, it only makes sense to work with this industry.

I love the work and even more to help their businesses grow. My life would not be the same without horses and I want to continue to grow the industry so that future weird horse girls (and boys) can someday fall in love with the sport. I have no seat or breed discrimination, with experience in:

  • Hunter/Jumpers
  • Saddle Seat
  • Side Saddle
  • Show Barns: Morgans/ Saddlebreds/ Arabians
  • Appaloosas
  • Natural Horsemen

Also, I have a very cute dog named Lolo.

Whether it’s our services, consulting or just to connect (to meet Lolo).

Give us a shout!